Top 10 Best Exercise Machine To Lose Weight

Whether it is the office you go to or a party, you will always find people concerned about their weight. At this point, even doctors are worried about so many people being overweight. Unfortunately, this overweight problem seems to be on the rise.

How can it not be? Ask yourself. How long do you spend hours sitting in front of your computer or laptop? Do you go on morning walks? We are quite glued to our homes, offices, and phones to be doing anything that involves a bit of exercise. Of course, you walk around the house but that really is not enough when it comes t all the ‘stress-eating’ you do to cope with life.

Furthermore, getting a membership at the gym is tough, and getting available equipment right when you need it is even tougher. That is why the best way to motivate yourself to exercise is by buying an exercise machine that helps you to lose weight.

But, which is the best exercise machine to lose weight? There are many but your body may respond to only one in every way. That is why you need to know about these machines while knowing the best that are available.

Luckily to let you know all there is to know about the best exercise machine to lose weight is the very purpose of what you are reading now. Let’s get started!

Editor’s pick: Top 10 Best Exercise Machine to Lose Weight

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Best Exercise Machine to Lose Weight: The Reviews

1. Magnetic Rowing Machine (Bluetooth)

Want a full-body low impact workout that will help you lose weight gradually? Then, this Fitness Reality 1000 Plus machine may just be what was missing from your life for this long. Apparently, this machine is more flexible than other rowing machines thanks to the foot pedals that it features.

Let’s begin from the beginning- the assembly. You will find that this machine is very easy to assemble when you follow the instructions in the manual. Furthermore, it has a large LCD display that is quite bright and easy to understand. However, the console that comes with this machine may not be the best as it often does not work.

The machine has a good weight capacity and quite a lot of adjustability. Apparently, you can adjust the difficulty level just as you wish to because of the magnetic resistance system this rowing machine has. Other than that, the handles and the cable are of great quality and highly efficient.

It will provide you with exactly the durability you need. However, the foot pedals may not be very comfortable to use for everyone. The placement and path may be suitable for certain body types.

Also, this machine does not take up much space at all. Furthermore, it is very easy to move as it has wheels with it. But, the wheels are not the best so using them only a few times will be a good idea.

The Bluetooth connectivity is a great feature but the app t connects with is not great. It won’t provide you with accurate information. However, the machine keeps a record of your time, calories, and history. Overall, it sure is a good buy for the price.


  • Provides a full-body workout.
  • The seat is well-padded and comfortable.
  • The cables are tough and efficient.
  • Easy to use with the LCD display.
  • Good range of adjustability.
  • Quite efficient and accurate.
  • Very stable build.
  • Easy portability.
  • Good value for money.
  • Looks great with a small footprint.


  • The console may not work.
  • The foot pedal may not be very convenient to use.
  • You may find the app useless.

2. Sunny Health & Fitness Squat Assist Row-N-Ride Trainer

Squats are a great form of exercise to lose weight and also gain a good body shape. However, doing the perfect squat is not easy. There is a specific body posture you need to maintain in order to do the perfect squat and for it to work. This is where a squat machine will come in handy and in this case, the Sunny Row-N-Ride trainer walks in as your guide.

You will love how this machine works. Apparently, it does not matter what size you are, the machine has adjustable handles that will adjust to your need. Furthermore, you can adjust the angle to three different positions as well.

What is even more amazing is that it is not only the handles you can adjust but you can choose the level of difficulty as well. Apparently, you can choose to attach bands that add a weight of 22 lbs. Each. The machine comes with three such bands.

Apart from that, this machine is very easy to set up. Also, it is compact and quite easy to move when you need to move it. What may not make you happy is that it does not really work all the body parts as it is supposed to. It may do a better job on your arms rather than your legs.

Furthermore, it does not burn calories as fast as other exercises would. However, if this is the right exercise for you and the pace you choose for yourself, there is absolutely nothing wrong in using this machine.

It has a digital display that shows you all the required information. However, at times this digital display may stop working. However, it is quite a reasonably priced machine so given that the exercise suits you, it will not be a bad choice.


  • Helps with an effective squat.
  • Very adjustable for heights and body structures.
  • Flexibility to choose the different difficulty levels easily.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Easy to move.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Works great on your upper body.


  • Does not work on all parts of your body well- especially legs.
  • The digital display may not work well.

3. Sunny Health & Fitness Air Walk Trainer Elliptical Machine (SF-E902)

Only a few exercise machines pay attention to the comfort you get while exercising. Luckily, the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E902 elliptical machine cares about your comfort to about which you will find out soon. For now, do you want to have a flat stomach with all the fast in your other body parts decreasing as well? Then, this machine just might be the perfect choice for you.

As you know how elliptical machines work, this machine is no different. Your concern here may be the smoothness of the action of the foot pedal and the handle. Apparently, this machine does not fail at all in that aspect. It provides you with long-term smooth performance.

However, it may feel a bit too smooth initially as the machine does not have much resistance or adjustability. You will have to add the resistance bands yourself to enjoy a workout that makes you sweat. But, if you are looking for a calm and easy workout- the initial setting will be enough.

You also receive an abdominal pad that helps you get the comfort you need when exercising. But, it may limit your movement a bit.

Other than that, the machine is easy to set up but the manual is not very easy to understand. The footpads keep your feet locked in its non-slip pads a well. However, if you are taller than average then you may have to check the size of the machine a bit as it may obstruct your movement.

The display keeps you updated on everything necessary and it is quite durable. However, the parts and material building the machine may give away with time. You will have to maintain the machine well.

It is an affordable unit and not at all a bad choice.


  • A compact, portable unit.
  • Provides a very smooth exercising platform.
  • Great value for money.
  • The abdominal pad ensures comfort.
  • Food pads keep your feet in place.
  • The machine is quite stable.
  • Keeps good track and keeps the user updated.


  • Hard to maintain.
  • Loses its shine with time.
  • Resistance is low and needs to be added separately.

4. Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

The greatest luxury when exercising is to be able to take a break while you are at it. When you are on an exercise bike, you can just sit back and relax for a while after a tough ride. The Marcy Magnetic Recumbent exercise bike makes this resting phase very easy for you and through it, it makes you want to exercise more.

Apparently, when you look at this bike the first thing that will come to your mind is the comfort the seat will provide. It is just like a chair with a backrest and also armrests. Moreover, you can tell just by looking at it that the padding is sufficient.

So, when you are tired after pedaling, you can just sit back a bit. It is even easier to do so because of the step-through design. This design makes getting in and out of this machine the easiest.

Now, let’s talk about the difficulty of the exercise. This bike provides you with eight choices of difficulty to choose from. Apparently, a few customers will consider it not enough as the highest level of resistance may not be the toughest for a professional. But, you are here to lose weight.

Other than that, the display provides you with all the information you need. This will keep you motivated because you will want to break the previous day’s record. Also, the unit is quite easy to assemble and heavy enough to be stable.

But, you can adjust the height or size of the bike for two different people easily. It will need some work and time. Other than that, it is not exactly cheap or affordable but it is cheaper than other bikes providing the same performance.


  • Very easy to adjust the resistance level.
  • Provides full information on the screen.
  • Easy to set up and move.
  • Good range of resistance.
  • Very comfortable seat design.
  • Easy to get in and out of.
  • Good value for money.


  • Some parts are not durable.
  • Not a suitable size for everyone and hard to use for two people with different heights.

5. Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5

It seems rowing machines are one of the best choices to lose weight fast and easily. So, we bring to you another amazing rowing machine by Concept2 that will make your exercise easier and life happier. It will provide you with the low-impact full-body exercise that people expect from rowing machines.

Apparently, this machine will fit people of about any height. Because it has adjustable footrests and also seat height. What you may not like about the machine is the padding or design of the seat. You may find it very uncomfortable.

While the machine is very easy to set up, it is not the easiest to use. You may find it difficult to get adjusted to the type of movement this machine requires- it needs some work. Apart from that, you get to choose from ten different air resistance levels and that proves to be extremely useful.

You get just the kind of workout you need. Also, this machine is foldable. You can fold it and store it easily after use if your house is small or you want it out of sight. It arrives with the connectivity to an app that provides you with useful information.

However, you may find that it is really hard to connect to the app. Other than that its display shows enough information. While it is an expensive purchase, most people who bought it had nothing to complain about.


  • Provides a great low impact full-body exercise.
  • Suitable for a person of about any height.
  • Quite adjustable for people.
  • The resistance range is great and quite difficult too.
  • The cable is with a long rail.
  • Easy to move around because of the wheels.
  • Storing is easy as it is foldable.


  • Very expensive.
  • Requires effort on your part when exercising.
  • Uncomfortable seat.
  • Difficult to connect with the app.

6. ANCHEER 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill –

If you have ever been to a gym then you know that there is this one machine without which the gym is incomplete. It is the treadmill. Bad weather? Dark night? Cannot go for a walk? The treadmill comes to the rescue. Since you will be buying the treadmill for home use, you want it to be compact. And, the Ancheer 2 in 1 treadmill may be the most budget-friendly choice in this case.

Most people who bought it had everything great to say about this treadmill. Firstly, it has a really solid build. Despite being compact, it is very stable and provides you with a good surface for running. While the surface area for the running belt is ample enough for most people, taller people may find it a bit short.

Then, you get to choose the speed from 1 km/hour to 12 km/hour. But, you will have to use the remote to control things. This may be a con as if the remote breaks, you lose control over the machine.

The treadmill is very compact and you can keep it anywhere in any way you like. You can choose to run with the handle up or you can keep it unscrewed. Furthermore, you can totally fold the machine to store it and keep it out of view. You will not find a treadmill in this compact ever again.

This unit is not only easy to use but easy to set up as well. However, it does not come with a huge number of features and that is what makes it very cost-effective. So, if you are alright with the lack of sparkly features but just getting what you need then this is a very affordable option.


  • Has a very solid build.
  • The belt is non-slip and shock absorbent.
  • Gives you a good range of speeds to choose from.
  • Very compact design.
  • Foldable and easy to store.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Limited features but budget-friendly.


  • The arms need to be unscrewed.
  • The belt may be too short for taller people.
  • Controlled by the remote only.

7. Sunny Health & Fitness Twist Stepper Step Machine w/Handle Bar and LCD Monitor

Do you want to keep exercising even when you are enjoying yourself like when you are watching the television? Then, this twist stepper may be a good option to consider. Because it is mild and compact enough to help you lose your weight that too forms a kind of habit that you do not have a hard time forming.

Apparently, this stepper is not like the traditional stair stepper and has more of a side-to-side twisting route. However, it has good quality handlebars that provide you support when you exercise. Furthermore, the bars are well padded to keep it comfortable for you.

While this has a nice height and size, it may not be the best option for taller people as your legs may hit the bars and hurt you. Furthermore, it is overall built of good quality materials but the balance of weight is not the best as the base may not be sturdy enough.

Over time you may find parts breaking as well. Other than that, you can adjust the difficulty of this machine but even the highest difficulty is not much. So, as mentioned it is good for long-term mild workouts.

However, it is very compact in size and you can keep it anywhere and move it when you want to. The price is quite reasonable as well so because of the price you won’t have much to complain about.


  • A very compact unit.
  • Provides mild continuous workout.
  • Keeps the body balanced.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Built of good quality materials.
  • Easy to set up and start.
  • The LCD display keeps you updated.


  • Not suitable for all heights of people.
  • Parts may break.
  • May be noisy at times.
  • The base is not the most sturdy.

8. Confidence Vibration Platform Fitness Machine

Want to lose weight faster doing the normal things and exercises you do? Then, this vibration platform gives you the flexibility to lose weight in any way you want. Meanwhile, it helps to generate more heat in your body by simply vibrating it.

The most amazing thing about this machine is that it lets you do just what you want. In fact, it even comes with Yoga straps to help you lose weight while you do the normal forms of yoga. But, the problem is that it does not come with great manual instruction. So, you do not know full well how you can use this machine.

Furthermore, assembling this machine is not the easiest either. There are even bolts that you need to take care of well or else that will cause the whole machine to stop. There may even be parts flying off if you do not do it right. Risky, isn’t it?

Apart from that, you get to adjust the speed of the vibration to fifty different levels- that is very useful. But, the problem is that many people say it does not burn as many calories as you would want it to.

Other than that, this machine may not have the size that is good for everyone. Apparently, taller people may find it hard to exercise on. The handlebars- even though comfortable may be placed a bit too low.

It is not the cheapest weight loss machine but it is good for circulation and it is still affordable.


  • A good range of speeds to choose from.
  • Flexible for doing any kind of exercise on.
  • Reasonable price for the power.
  • Sturdy build.
  • Compact size.
  • Comfortable handles.


  • Hard to assemble and parts may fly off.
  • No clear instructions on how to use it.

9. ANCHEER Vertical Climber Folding Exercise Climbing Machine

When you are climbing, you have to deal with the whole weight of your body. No wonder climbing exercises will help you lose body weight. Thus, we bring to you one of the best climbing machines- the Ancheer vertical climber. However, it is not only a climber but a bike as well.

Apparently, climbing is hard work and needs warm-up so that you do not experience strains. Therefore, the bike is a thoughtful addition so that you warm up before doing the hard task. Fortunately, you do not have to spend a lot of time losing weight. Work out intensely for just a short while every day and you will be fine.

This machine is very compact to store. Furthermore, it is easy to set up as well. You can adjust the difficulty to some extent as well. However, be careful about the height of the handles and other parts as it may not be suitable for people of all heights.

The unit has a sturdy base and can handle a lot of pressure. It is well built as well so it will last long. Apart from that, the machine comes with a digital tracking system of your progress as well.

You do not have to break your bank to buy this unit either, It is quite affordable for the value it provides.


  • Helps to lose weight super fast.
  • A two-in-one budget-friendly unit.
  • The bike part helps warm-ups.
  • The climbing machine helps to provide heavy workout and great weight loss in a short time.
  • Great quality build.
  • Very effective.
  • Easy to store and assemble.


  • May not support all heights.

10. Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

Are you fond of variety? Then, you may get the best results of losing weight by doing a number of different exercises. And, you can do exactly that by buying this Bowflex Blaze Home gym. Yes, it is a whole gym but a compact one that allows you to do every kind of exercise.

Apparently, it has rods, pulley systems, lat tower, power rod, handles, etc. It will allow you to carry out 65+ workouts in it. Even though it will take up more space than the single machines out there, you get to keep quite a lot of workout equipment within a very limited space.

However, quantity often affects quality. As this gym focus on providing variety, the efficiency of each of the parts is not the best. Some may work better than others. For some people, certain parts of the home gym may be completely useless.

You will have to consider the size of the gym and also your own height for it. Apart from that, assembling this gym is one difficult task. You have to pay attention to a lot of screws and bolts. Furthermore, it does not come with clear instructions either.

Being a Bowflex product this is quite durable and of high quality. Furthermore, the price seems about right for a machine with so much capacity.


  • Very flexible for doing any kind of workout.
  • Provides a full-body workout if needed.
  • Very sturdy and quality build.
  • Fits in almost all non-electronic gym equipment in a very compact space.
  • Good value for money.


  • Not all parts function effectively.
  • May not be suitable for taller people.
  • Very hard assembly.

Best Exercise Machine to Lose Weight: The Buying Guide

Exercise machines are not exactly cheap so you cannot just go out there and bring anyone home. So, let’s check out some of the factors that matter when you are buying an exercise machine.

1. The few best machines that help lose weight

There are myriads of exercise machines available out there. But, not all of them help you lose weight. Apparently, many of them just tone or give a good same to your body. Here are a few of the best exercise machines that help you lose weight.

Treadmill: As you may already know, the easiest exercise people do to lose weight is walk or jog. You may not always have the opportunity to go out for walks or jogs because of the weather and other events in your routine. With a treadmill in your house, you can choose to get some exercise even in the middle o the night when you cannot sleep.

So, it is basically helping with two things. Firstly, you are getting the exercise you need and secondly it is tiring you out when you cannot sleep. Furthermore, you can take a break whenever you feel like it.

Apart from that, you also get to keep an accurate record of the amount of time you ran for, the speed, etc.

Elliptical Machines: The walk or jog you do on the plain ground is not as effective as the one on the inclined ground. This is where elliptical machines can help you lose weight faster. Furthermore, you can adjust the difficulty level of the walk.

So, if you are running short on time then you can just exercise for a shorter while by raising the difficulty level. Apart from that, the motion of elliptical machines is very smooth. It will help your joints, bones, and muscles gain the flexibility your body needs.

Stationary Bikes: Cyclingfeels best when done outdoors. But, it is not as effective as a stationary bike. As you get to choose the resistance you experience, you can easily lose more weight in a shorter amount of time. Apart from that, a stationary bike usually keeps track of your pulse rate and more.

This gives your lower body a very good workout. So, you will not only lose your belly fat and burn more calories but you will also feel more active as your joints will loosen up a bit. Furthermore, you may grow a few inches tall as well because cycling does that.

Rowing Machines: If you want to lose weight along with gaining strength then the rowing machine is one of the best exercise machines you can buy. Apparently, you can just sit while you exercise and that somewhat reduces the fatigue ad pressure on your body. Other than that, it provides a good upper body exercise.

Therefore, when you continue exercising on a rowing machine, with time you will fall in love with the way your upper body looks.

StairMaster: You may have noticed that people continue their efforts to lose weight in minor ways. There are people who take the stairs despite there being a lift. And, let me tell you that these efforts are not pointless.

If climbing the stairs is your favorite exercise for losing weight the StairMaster is for you. You can climb stairs without the stairs ending for as long as you want on this machine.

Vibration Platform Machines: Do not feel like moving your legs and hands voluntarily to lose weight? Do not worry at all. A vibration platform machine will vibrate your body so that your body gets the exercise it needs You will sweat and this will lead to calories burning.

This is a great form of cardiovascular exercise and you do not have to put in much effort either. So, if you want the machine to take full care of you then these vibration platform machines can do a great job.

Weight Training: You may be thinking that weights are supposed to make you stronger. How can weight training help you lose weight? But do you know the amount of strength and energy lifting those weights take?

Quite a lot, so you will be burning a lot of calories while sweating like a pig. Furthermore, it brings a great shape to your body as well. You can concentrate on the are you want to make thin ad toned with weight training. Also, dumbbells are far less expensive than other machines. But, you will get the results slowly.

2. The Stability of the machine 

You know the machines that will help you, but when you select them, if you select the wrong ones- it will cause you more worry about the loss you incur. Apparently, the most important thing when it comes to exercise machines is the stability of the machine. You will be using your strength, speed, and willpower so you will be hard on the machine.

If the machine is not strong enough, you will just fall and that will cause you great injury. This is why you want the machine to have a heavy base. The machine may be lightweight in nature but if the base is heavy and strong, you do not have to worry about falling.

3. The Build Quality of the machine

You do not want parts of the machine to fly away while you are exercising. This has to do with the quality of the build. The best materials- whether plastic, rubber or metal must be used in making the machine.

Furthermore, they should be attached firmly. So, that speed or pressure does not make the parts crumble. It should last longer while looking great. Other than that, resistance to rust and corrosion is a very good idea to consider.

4. The Smoothness of the functions

Imagine going at full speed and all of a sudden the machine gets stuck. You will experience a huge impact on your body that is quite harmful as well. Other than that, minor pauses can prove to be very irritating as well.

This is why you should if the moving parts of the machine move smoothly. Apparently, this has a lot to do with ball bearings. The more the number of ball bearings the smoother the machine will be. Unless, of course, the bearings are of horrible quality.

5. The Portability

You do not always want to keep your exercise machine in view. For example, you may want it out of your way when you host a party. In such cases, lightweight nature or other features to improve portability comes handy.

For example, the machine may come with wheels. But, even if it does come with wheels make sure you can lock the wheels in place when you are exercising. Or else, that will lead to even more misfortune.

Other than that, the smaller space the machine occupies the better. It will make your house look bigger and no one will notice the amount of effort you put in to look as good as you do.

6. The ease of use

Most exercise machines now use LED, LCD screens, or other digital control systems to provide you with what you want. You need to check how easy it is to use the machine. In fact, you do not want to spend hours setting the machine to its initial or preferred state when you start working out.

Apparently, this could demotivate you daily when you are already fighting with the urge to not work out. It is best if the machine comes with an easy-to-understand manual.

7. The Extra Features

Different machines offer different kinds of innovative features. Apparently, each feature adds to the cost as well. As a result, you have to decide which features you just cannot do without.

For example, most machines now feature a way to take your pulse rate, heart rate, and more. It will allow you to set timers, keep a record of your workouts, and much more. In the end, it is for you to decide, which feature you want to keep.

8. The Price and Warranty

You should no go after the cheapest machines available at any cost. Because they will make you suffer both mentally and financially. Just go after the best ones in a medium price range.

However, make sure the machine comes with good warranty terms. You never know when you will be needing it.

Best Exercise Machine to Lose Weight: The Benefits

Why buy an exercise machine when you can go to a gym? Here are the reasons:

Motivation: When you spend so much on a machine, you will feel bad letting it go unused. This will help you get up on it and use it.

Flexibility: You may not feel like hitting the gym because of your schedule. But, with an exercise machine at your home, you can work out anytime you feel like it. It will definitely require less convincing than it requires when going to the gym.

A Perfect Fit: When you buy a machine, it meets your particular needs like the need for your height, features, etc. With so much convenience, you will feel like exercising more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which machine would be best for a flat stomach?

Answer: If you are mainly focusing on flattening your stomach then a machine that works on your abdomen or lower body is a better idea. For example, a stationary bike or an elliptical machine will be more effective in this case than a treadmill.

2. Which exercise will burn the most calories fast?

Answer: Even walking can burn more calories than jogging at the same time. It mainly depends on the intensity and difficulty level. The more intensely you exercise, the more calories you will burn.

In Conclusion

You cannot feel motivated enough to exercise just by thinking that you need to lose weight. In fact, you need to take steps so that you feel motivated to work out every single day. The best way to do that is to spend some money and bring an exercise machine home.

Which is the best exercise machine to lose weight depends on what you like and what your body prefers. There is no single answer to it for everyone but you can find yourself by using the knowledge you just gained.


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